Saturday, July 6, 2013

Pinoy Ads Qatar (PAQ) Grand Eyeball Party

By: Fredolin P. Aguinaldo – Doha, State of Qatar

Nowadays sharing experiences with friends near or far can be done by a mere click of a button. For people abroad, the gap between them and their loved ones back home are now linked by modern technology. In Qatar, virtual friends had a chance to see each other and come together in a Grand EB party as what Pinoy Ads Qatar (PAQ) did for their online members.

Held at the picturesque beach of Wakrah City in July 05, 2013, Pinoy Ads Qatar (PAQ) - the first and No.1 Filipino on-line virtual market place in Qatar – hosted their 1st grand eyeball party with their active online members and friends to celebrate with them the growth and success of their group.

Spearhead by the webpage creator Ms. Minda S. Obeidat along with her fellow administrators, revelry started at around 6:00 AM and lasted until the wee hours of the next morning. Coupled with good food brought by the members, good times were shared by each and everyone while getting to know more about each other. When karaoke time came, the stage suddenly became a showdown amongst fellow members who completely ignored the sun’s heat and the scorching sand alongside the beach.

The event was generously sponsored by some of its members, who gave away prizes as well. The merrymaking was also covered by ABS-CBN Global Ltd. correspondent through admin Delfin Montenegro and Jen Pacleb respectively who happens to be active members of the group.  

The party was meant as a thanksgiving occasion for the dynamic on-line entrepreneurs of Qatar and a way of solidifying the relationship between members and supporters who share their time, views and effort towards the continued development of the group with their combined passion in entrepreneurship and love for social networking.

Evelyn L. Aguinaldo, an active Real Estate property seller paid tribute to the community members and said: “When Ms. Minda S. Obeidat started the group through FB, she had no idea that it would become this big and that it would be a venue for budding entrepreneurs like us to sell and offer services”. She was also quick to note that she enjoys the group because everyone shares their opinions regarding different issues, from personal problems like love life to views about current events in politics.

Pinoy Ads Qatar (PAQ) was created on September 05, 2011 by Ms. Minda S. Obeidat It is a place of trading in Facebook. You can sell, buy or swap your products and offer services with any interested members. To date, 13,406 active members are listed and hundreds of new members are added on a daily basis. In recent admin discussions, by-laws have been amended and to keep track of the activities of its members, additional administrators has been pre-drafted who are hoping to be of service to other members very soon.

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